Our Promise To You at Acton Toyota

Our Promise ToYou...

Free Delivery Anywhere In New England
Exclusive Loyalty Rewards Program
4000 Reviews at Acton Toyota
Nearly 4,000 Reviews: 4.8 Star Average

Nearly 4,000 Reviews & Still Counting

"Acton Toyota sets the standard that all car dealerships should aspire to. It's not rocket science. Nobody wants to be "sold" a car. They simply want help buying one. There are no games at Acton Toyota, just a professional, pleasant experience and great value."
Greg D.

Above All, Your Experience Will Always Be:


We will assist you in a straight-forward manner that is focused on helping you find the vehicle you want at a competitive price without any hassle or highpressure.


We will deliver you a transparent sales process where information is accurately and openly shared with clarity and candor. We promise to respect your intelligence and treat you with courtesy and respect.


We will stand by and make good on the commitments made during and after your purchase. The prices that are advertised and we agree to will be honored and never change.

Acton Toyota Service:
Customer First, Without Exception

Free Breakfast or Light Lunch

In Our Acton Cafe

60 Service Bays

Getting You Back On The Road

Multiple Toyota

Master Diagnostic Technicians

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