Scion FAQs at Acton Toyota

Q: Why are you transferring Scion to Toyota?
A: Scion was established in 2003 to appeal to customers who wanted an alternative to buying a car from Toyota. Scion's role was to act as a laboratory where we could develop new products and innovative processes, as well as bring new customers into the Toyota family. Scion has been successful and we are a stronger company as a result. Today's young customers are more attracted to the Toyota brand and its reputation for quality, durability and value. Now is an ideal time to take the products and spirit of Scion and transfer them to Toyota.

Q: When will this take place?
A: The transition will start now and evolve at our dealerships within the next six months. For MY17, Scion vehicles will be branded as Toyotas beginning in August of this year.

Q: What will happen to Scion products?
A: The following vehicles will be re-badged as Toyotas and will retain their names: FR-S, iM and iA. There will be a release series tC to close out sports coupe production and it will be discontinued as of August. The recently debuted C-HR will join the Toyota line-up. The xB was discontinued as the iM and iA joined the line-up and production ended in December 2015.

Q: How will this affect customers?
A: This will give customers the opportunity to purchase the same vehicles, but they will be available at more locations (1200 vs. 1000). Regarding service, it won't have much impact on current Scion customers because service is done at Toyota dealerships. We could not have achieved the success we have had without the incredible support of Scion's customers, so supporting you throughout this transition process will be one of our top priorities.

Q: How will this affect dealers?
A: We have 1,004 dealers and through Scion they have received valuable insight on innovative processes that they can apply to their business going forward.

Q: Now that Scions are transferring to Toyota, do I go to a Toyota dealer to get one?
A: Scion dealers will continue to have MY 16 products. In the fall, the MY17 Scion vehicles will be badged as Toyotas. At that time, they'll be available through all the Toyota dealerships.

Q: Will this be a change for customers with loans through Toyota Financial Services?
A: No, this will not affect any loans. Instead of having Scion on their bills, customers will have Toyota, but the process will be exactly the same.

Q: What about Scion Service Boost, my vehicle warranty or my Certified Pre-owned warranty or vehicle service agreements? Will those contracts be honored?
A: These contracts will absolutely be honored. We'll work with our dealers to ensure Scion customers get the best service possible during this transition.

Q: How long will Scion parts be available?
A: The advantage we have is that many Scion vehicles also are sold as Toyotas in other markets, so we can maintain a consistent flow of parts.

Q: Will Toyota dealers still be using Pure Price and Pure Process Plus?
A: For MY17, the iA, iM and FR-S will remain monospec and a single price. After that, we will evaluate how pricing for those vehicles as Toyotas will be carried out. Regarding Pure Process Plus, it's specific to Scion so it won't be available at Toyota dealers.

For more information, please contact our Scion customer service line at 866-70-SCION or
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