Toyota ExtraCare Vehicle Service Agreements
Genuine Toyota ExtraCare Vehicle Service Agreements (VSAs) are transferable, factory direct and cover your vehicles components while providing you with other benefits like towing reimbursement. Toyota pays these warranties direct so there's no claims forms to fill out and you can service at any dealership in the US or Canada. Toyota Extra Care VSAs are an exceptional way to supplement your factory warranty without the hidden charges.
Vehicle Insurance
Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) Program provides retail or lease customers with one very significant benefit - peace of mind. This peace of mind comes from knowing that you and your family are protected from the burden of an unexpected financial obligation if your vehicle is declared a total loss.

The primary auto insurance settlement is generally based on market value of the vehicle. This amount may be substantially less than the balance due on the vehicle. GAP program pays the difference between the retail/lease contract and your vehicle's market value.
Tire & Wheel
Premier Tire and Wheel Protection will cover the replacement or repair cost of your tires and wheels if they are damaged by a road hazard.

Though it is impossible to avoid these unexpected hazards in the road, it is possible to prepare and protect yourself from the unexpected expense.
Paint Protection
Autobahnd uses an extraordinary tough urethane film sourced from leading manufacturers that has been specifically developed to cover the painted surfaces of a vehicle that are subject to stone damage and abrasion. Each model of vehicle has a unique kit with specific shapes that have been designed and patterned to provide optimum protection for you car, sport utility or truck.

Roadblock allows a vehicle's color brilliance to shine through. Under certain light conditions you may find a barely perceptible fine line along the hood where the film ends. This is the only indication that the Autobahnd system is protecting your vehicle.

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