Our Team at Acton Toyota

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  • Bob Moran
    Dealer Principal

    Our mission is to continuously exceed the expectations of our customers and associates. Our goal is to be the benchmark for excellence in every aspect of our business. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and value. Our promise is to create an environment of mutual trust and respect; to promote personal and professional growth; to foster teamwork and associate involvement; and to demand the highest ethical standard from ourselves. Our commitment to this mission makes our company a place where people want to work and do business.

  • Glenn Hoffman
    General Manager

    What Inspires Me:  My family and co-workers 

My Hobbies:  Boating, fishing, and tennis    


Place I'd Love to Visit:  Turks and Grand Cayman Islands  


Favorite Movie:  Field of Dreams  


Favorite Sports Team:  Any Boston sports team  


Favorite Musician:  Zach Brown Band 

  • Scott Bristol - U.S. Army Veteran
    General Sales Manager

    What Inspires Me:  Family and Friends

My Hobbies:  Golf


Place I'd Love to Visit:  Italy


Favorite Movie:  The Equalizer


Favorite Sports Team:  Patriots

    Favorite Musician:  Led Zeppelin 

  • Wellington Pereira
    Sales Manager

    What Inspires Me:  My family    

My Hobbies:  Spending time with my family, snowmobiling, four-wheeling, and camping

Place I'd Love to Visit:  France

Favorite Movie:

Favorite Sports Team:  Boston Celtics

Favorite Musician:  The Smashing Pumpkins

    Wellington Pereira

  • Scott Vachon
    Sales Manager

    What Inspires Me: Finishing what someone told you could not be done. 

    My Hobbies: Golfing and more golfing 

    Place I'd Love to Visit: Turks and Caicos 

    Favorite Movie: Blues Brothers 

    Favorite Sports Team: The New England Patriots 

    Favorite Musician: Beastie Boys 

  • Jeff Cotran
    Used Car Manager

    What Inspires Me:  My wife and son 

My Hobbies:  Mountain biking and skiing

Place I'd Love to Visit:  Turks & Caicos

Favorite Movie:  Watching Star Wars with my son  


Favorite Sports Team:  N.E. Patriots, Bruins, Celtics, and Red Sox

Favorite Musician:  Jerry Garcia 

  • Justin Brun
    Director of Marketing & E-Commerce

    What Inspires Me:  My ambitious and lovely girlfriend, Christina.  I'm blessed to have such a motivational and encouraging person in my life.

My Hobbies: Catching up with old friends, beer tastings, and trying new restaurants.  


Place I'd Love to Visit: Italy  


Favorite Movie: Breakfast Club


Favorite Sports Team: Red Sox  
    Favorite Musician: U2 

  • Ben Koller
    CRM Manager

    What Inspires Me:  One's decision to persevere, overcome adversity, and achieve a desired goal      

My Hobbies:  Exploring new and exciting places with my wife and our Golden Retriever, snow skiing, and eating really good pizza

Place I'd Love to Visit:  Sweden to watch the northern lights  


Favorite Movie:  Forrest Gump  

Favorite Sports Team:  Alter Knights (Kettering, Ohio)  


Favorite Musician:  Sam Cooke 

  • Robert Kemp
    Web & Graphic Designer
    978 431 5845

    What Inspires Me: Family, Friends & Hobbies

My Hobbies: BMX, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Disc Golfing, Snowmobiling, Car Modification, Guitar, Hiking & Traveling   


Place I'd Love to Visit: Alaska, Spain, Japan & Finland 


Favorite Movie: Good Fellas, Blow & Boondock Saints  


Favorite Sports Team: Patriots 


Favorite Musician: Led Zeppelin, Sublime, August Burns Red & Jedi Mind Tricks/Army Of The Pharaohs

  • Jack Lloyd - U.S. Air Force Veteran
    Finance Director

    What Inspires Me: My wife and children

My Hobbies: Boating. Lake. 

Place I'd Love to Visit: Australia 

    Favorite Movie:  Field of Dreams


Favorite Sports Team:  University of Michigan Football

    Favorite Musician: Bruce and Elvis. (Costello. Not the guy from Memphis)

  • Keith Mobley
    Financial Services

    What Inspires Me: Space Travel

    My Hobbies: Stamp Collecting

    Place I'd Love to Visit: Oswego

    Favorite Movie: Howard The Duck

    Favorite Sports Team: Walt Whitman Wildcats 

    Favorite Musician: Noel Pointer

  • Joe Tosi
    Financial Services

    What Inspires Me:  My wife Michelle and my 3 children (Brian, Jessica, and Alex).  Strong work ethic.  Also, the desire to do the best you can do at whatever it is you are doing 100% of the time.
My Hobbies: Coaching Sports, Exercising and Running, Playing all sports with my kids, and lastly Golf when I can find the time.  

Place I'd Love to Visit: Hawaii

 & Italy

    Favorite Movie: Rudy

    Favorite Sports Team: Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots

Favorite Musician: I enjoy all music, Tom Petty and Billy Joel are 2 of my favorites

  • Ed Barbagallo
    Financial Services

  • Chris Wright
    Financial Services

  • Steve Jensen
    New Product Training Manager

    What Inspires Me:  My family      

My Hobbies:  My Lab, Gunner, hiking, working in my yard

Place I'd Love to Visit:  Australia  


Favorite Movie:  Bourne Legacy  

Favorite Sports Team:  New England Patriots, Boston Bruins  


Favorite Musician:  Everything from Frank Sinatra to Beastie Boys 

  • Jim Piazas
    Showroom Sales

    Toyota New Vehicle Sales Society for Superior Sales Performance 2018 - Bronze Level

    Toyota Certified Used Vehicles Sales Society for Superior Sales Performance 2018 - Bronze Level

    My name is Jim Piazas and I am originally from the Greater Lowell area, but currently living in Pelham, NH. I have been working in the automotive industry for 23 years, 19 of which I have spent at Acton Toyota of Littleton as a showroom salesman.

    I am a Toyota Certified New and Used Car Expert, and a Certified Scion Expert. I own two Toyotas, a 2012 Prius Plug-in and a 2013 Venza.

    With my spare time, I enjoy deep sea fishing, traveling, reading and following the Red Sox and New England Patriots!
    Jim Piazas

  • Dave Anderson
    Showroom Sales

    What Inspires Me: Making all my customers have a great experience.  Taking care of them like family and putting a big smile on their faces.

    My Hobbies: Playing ice hockey, swimming , working on boats, chasing the golf ball around on some of the beautiful golf courses.

    Place I'd Love to Visit: Somewhere warm!!! beach!!! 

    Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting

    Favorite Sports Team: Bruins, Red Sox ,and of course the Patriots

    Favorite Musician: Johnny Cash is one of them

  • John Bernard - U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
    Showroom Sales

    What Inspires Me:  Other peoples' happiness 

My Hobbies:  Golf, sports    


Place I'd Love to Visit:  Pearl Harbor 


Favorite Movie:  Forrest Gump and Avatar  


Favorite Sports Team:  Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, and Celtics  


Favorite Musician:  Led Zepplin 

  • Chris Johnson
    Showroom Sales

    Originally from the Lancaster and York areas of Pennsylvania, I am happy to now call Acton, MA home.  I have spent 12 years in the automobile business with 2 years at Lexus and the remaining 10 at Toyota.  All 10 years with Toyota have been with Acton Toyota.  With my 10 years experience, I am very knowledgeable regarding all Toyotas, particularly the Toyota Camry.  That is because I am the proud owner for a 2011 Toyota Camry SE V6.  In my free time, I enjoy playing golf and basketball, reading, and partaking in fantasy football.

  • Garrett Green - U.S. Navy Veteran
    Showroom Sales

    Growing up in Lowell, MA, I am a Massachusetts local currently residing in Boxborough, MA.  I am a veteran of the US Navy having served aboard the Battleship New Jersey and as a boat Captain in the Brown Water Navy aboard LCM865.  I'm also a former dispatcher for the Massachusetts State Police.  I am a member of both the Former Mass State Troopers Association and the Concord Elks.

    I started in the auto industry working for Bob Moran at what is now Colonial Chevrolet in Acton, Mass.  I'm also one of the original employees of Acton Toyota when it opened in September 1989. After having spent time in Manchester New Hampshire at AutoFair specializing in leasing and at Ira Lexus of Manchester, I decided to rejoin Acton Toyota in Oct. '08 with the launch of their new Littleton facility.

    I am a Certified Expert in both new and Certified pre-owned Toyotas and I look forward to helping you achieve your vehicle goals.

    Garrett Green

  • Jim Sullivan - U.S. Army Veteran
    Showroom Sales

    What Inspires Me:  My family      

My Hobbies:  Traveling and hiking

Place I'd Love to Visit:  All the National Parks  


Favorite Movie:  The Quiet Man  

Favorite Sports Team:  New England Patriots 


Favorite Musician:  Vann Morrison 

  • Ken Hsu
    Showroom Sales

    Originally from Taiwan,  I now reside in Lexington, MA with my wife and children.  I speak both Mandarin and English. 

    Before working at Acton Toyota, I worked at Lexington Toyota in Lexington, MA for 1 year.

    I've can proudly say that I've spent the last 7 years at Acton Toyota, most of my time spent in the Internet Department.  I am an Expert Level Toyota Certified Sales Consultant.

    I own a 2004 Sienna LE AWD, 2008 Prius and 2008 RAV4.

    In my free time I enjoy watching movies and sporting events, and also traveling. 

    Ken Hsu

  • Jack Burke
    Showroom Sales

    Toyota Certified Used Vehicles Sales Society for Superior Sales Performance 2018 - Gold Level

    Sales Society Top Award Winner - 4 Years In A Row

    What Inspires Me:  My wife and my dogs 

My Hobbies:  Vintage car shows and watching Boston's sports teams

Place I'd Love to Visit:  Alaska 


Favorite Movie:  It's A Wonderful Life

Favorite Sports Team:  New England Patriots  


Favorite Musician:  Aerosmith 


Organizations:  Alzheimer's Association Member 

  • Ken White
    Showroom Sales

    Toyota Certified Used Vehicles Sales Society for Superior Sales Performance 2018 Bronze Level

    What Inspires Me:  The pursuit of excellence      

My Hobbies:  Bibliophile

Place I'd Love to Visit:  Australia  


Favorite Movie:  Patton  

Favorite Sports Team:  Boston Bruins  


Favorite Musician:  Eric Clapton 

  • Derek Corbin
    Showroom Sales

    What Inspires Me:  Mi Familia 

My Hobbies:  Spending quality time with my family, camping, music, concerts, sporting events, eating good food and trying new things


Place I'd Love to Visit:  Jamaica 


Favorite Movie:  "Goonies never say die"


Favorite Sports Team:  Patriots


Favorite Musician:  Jerry Garcia

  • Shawn Gormley
    Internet Sales Manager

    What Inspires Me:  The opportunity for advancement and promotions.      

My Hobbies:  My kids 



Place I'd Love to Visit:  Alaska  


Favorite Movie:  National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 



Favorite Sports Team:  Patriots 


Favorite Musician:  Jim Morrison (The Doors)

  • Randall Hobson
    Internet Sales Manager

  • Tom Downing
    Internet Sales

  • Alex Wheaton
    Internet Sales

    What Inspires Me:  My family  

My Hobbies:  All sports

Place I'd Love to Visit:  Greece

Favorite Movie:  Rounders and all Star Wars movies  


Favorite Sports Team:  New England Patriots

Favorite Musician:  A Tribe Called Quest 

  • Steve Kiviat
    Internet Sales

    What inspires me:  Number one on my list is my family and especially my grandkids.  On a bad day all I need from them is a hug.  I treat my customers like family and I get special satisfaction when I sell a car to my 'New Friends" and the experience they have with me and with Acton Toyota is exemplary.

    My hobbies:  My hobbies are reading and my hammock, mostly at the same time.  Fishing is a very close second, especially when I can read a good book when waiting for a fish to bite.

    3) Places I'd love to visit:  This is a quick one. I'd love to take a train across country and visit as many National Parks as possible.

    4) Favorite Movie:  Close Encounters of the Third Kind. (We can't be the only beings in the universe!)

    5) Favorite Sports Team:  As a former New Yorker, I have to say in the NL it's still the Mets and in the AL I'm a big Red Sox fan. 

    6) Favorite Musician:  For this I have to say Beethoven. (I'm old enough that I saw him in concert!!!)

  • Richard Gizzie - U.S. Navy Veteran
    Internet Sales

  • Thomas Ayers
    Internet Sales

  • Joe Veneziano
    Annex Sales Manager

    What Inspires Me:  My wife  

My Hobbies:  Golfing and cooking  

Place I'd Love to Visit:  Italy

Favorite Movie: The Ten Commandments

Favorite Sports Team:  Pats

Favorite Musician:  Aerosmith

  • Bob Gaudet
    Annex Sales

    What Inspires Me:​ People who "pay it forward"

    My Hobbies:​ Sitting in a chair at the beach

    Place I'd Love to Visit:​ Aruba

    Favorite Movie:​ Heaven is for real

    Favorite Sports Team:​ New England Patriots

    Favorite Musician:​ Bruce Springsteen

  • Neil O'Leary
    Annex Sales

    What Inspires Me:  Family & Friends

    My Hobbies: Golf, Fishing, Singing

    Place I'd Love to Visit: Hawaii

    Favorite Movie: Hunt for Red October

    Favorite Sports Team: N.E. Patriots

    Favorite Musician: Tom Petty

  • Brian Doney
    Annex Sales

    I grew up in Holliston mass and now live in Westford. I have been in the automotive industry for more than 20 years and here at Acton Toyota for year now. I've worked at several dealerships over the years and this has by far been the best experience. When I'm not working I enjoy spending time with my two beautiful boys and lovely wife Tina.

  • Ron Persechini
    Annex Sales

    I grew up in Brighton and Newton and now live in Groton, MA.  I sold my first car professionally in 1988.  I did take a 10 year hiatus from automotive retail to work in real estate, but was drawn back to the business and sought to work for a dealership committed to complete customer satisfaction.  There is no dealership more concerned about making the customer happy than Bob Moran's Used Car Annex.

    I have a beautiful wife, Christina, and together we are the proud parents to our son, Rodney.  In my off time, I enjoy the classic car hobby and tending to my aquariums.

  • Susan Palmer
    Sales Receptionist

    I was born in Minnesota then raised throughout the Midwest and New England.  I started my career at Acton Toyota when Mr. Bob Moran opened his Presidential award-winning dealership at its new location in Littleton in 2008. I'm currently enjoying my 3rd Toyota lease - another Corolla! It is my sincere pleasure and honor to warmly greet you and welcome you to Acton Toyota of Littleton.

  • Brian Crowley
    Service Director

    What Inspires Me: Accomplishment

    My Hobbies: Cooking

    Place I'd Love to Visit: Ireland

    Favorite Movie: Any of the Marvel Movies  I watch with my kids

    Favorite Sports Team: New England Patriots

    Favorite Musician: Robert Plante

  • Mark Bentley
    Shop Foreman

    What Inspires Me:​ My Grandchildren

    My Hobbies: Riding my Harley​

    Place I'd Love to Visit:​ Alaska

    Favorite Movie:​ James Bond (all of them)

    Favorite Sports Team:​ Patriots

    Favorite Musician:​ The Eagles

  • Manny Martinez
    Service Manager

  • Leo Gregoire
    Assistant Service Manager

    What Inspires Me:  My family
    My Hobbies:  Antique cars, Red Sox baseball, Cooking  

    Place I'd Love to Visit:  Europe

    Favorite Movie:  Untouchables

    Favorite Sports Team:  Red Sox       

    Favorite Musician: Sinatra

  • Brian Harding
    Assistant Service Manager

    What Inspires Me: When things all come together

    My Hobbies: Fishing

    Place I'd Love to Visit: Hawaii

    Favorite Movie: Usual Suspects

    Favorite Sports Team: Patriots

    Favorite Musician: AC/DC

  • Neil Schwartz
    Assistant Service Manager

    What Inspires Me: My father

    My Hobbies: Music & My Dog

    Place I'd Love to Visit: London

    Favorite Movie: Saving Private Ryan

    Favorite Sports Team: New England Patriots

    Favorite Musician: Steven Wilson

  • Dan Sweeney
    Assistant Service Manager

    What Inspires Me:  Helping other people.

    My Hobbies:  Hiking, Archery, Biking, Working on Cars and spending time with my family.

    Place I'd Love to Visit: Yosemite National Park 

    Favorite Movie: The Game  

    Favorite Sports Team: Bruins

    Favorite Musician: Phil Collins

  • Eric Moeller - U.S. Coast Guard Veteran
    Assistant Service Manager

    What Inspires Me: My Daughters

My Hobbies: I enjoy fishing, hunting and camping.


Place I'd Love to Visit: Alaska 


Favorite Movie: Matrix


Favorite Sports Team: Patriots

    Favorite Musician: Awolnation

  • Ryan Cambray
    Assistant Service Manager

    What Inspires Me:  Art, Music, My Kids , Friends and Family

    My Hobbies: Eating Local, Making Food, Music, Art, Craft Beer, Games/Gaming, Hiking/Outdoors and More!

    Place I'd Love to Visit:  Italy and Japan

    Favorite Movie:  The Dark Crystal

    Favorite Sports Team: New England Patriots

    Favorite Musician/Band:  Pink Floyd/Menomena

  • Nadine Evans
    Assistant Service Manager

    What Inspires Me:  Music

    My Hobbies: Painting, Photography, Arts and Crafts and Adventures

    Place I'd Love to Visit:  Fiji

    Favorite Movie:  Love and Basketball

    Favorite Sports Team:  Patriots

    Favorite Musician: Justin Timberlake

  • Alicia Trombley
    Assistant Service Manager

    What Inspires Me:  A feeling of accomplishment

    My Hobbies: Traveling, Trying New Restaurants, Outdoor Physical Activities (i.e. hiking)

    Place I'd Love to Visit:  Hawaii, or anywhere tropical

    Favorite Movie:  Final Destination 2 & all of the Fast & Furious movies

    Favorite Sports Team:  New England Patriots

    Favorite Musician: A Day to Remember​​

  • Andrew Borden
    Rental Manager

  • Kevin Holston
    Rental Coordinator

  • Christina Curren
    Appointment Coordinator

    I grew up in Beverly, MA. Now reside in North Andover, MA. I've been in the car industry for 24 years and wouldn't choose anything else.

    In my freetime I enjoy spending time with my family, working out, camping and RC cars.

  • Patrice Chassagnade
    Service Receptionist

  • Cassandra Armstrong
    Service Receptionist

    What Inspires Me: Helping people

My Hobbies: I love to cook and to find any excuse to be outside!


Place I'd Love to Visit: Hawaii 


Favorite Movie: Super Troopers


Favorite Sports Team: Patriots

    Favorite Musician: This is always changing, but currently I have been loving Elle King.

  • Joann Yauga
    Service Receptionist

  • Mike Coffey
    Parts Manager

    What Inspires Me: Music

    My Hobbies: Fishing, Skiing, Motorcycle and just being outdoors.

    Place I'd Love to Visit: Ireland

    Favorite Movie: The Shawshank Redemption

    Favorite Sports Team: Patriots

    Favorite Musician: Led Zeppelin

  • Greg Corbin
    Parts Consultant

    What Inspires Me:  My Wife, she's awesome!
    My Hobbies: Brewing beer, cooking, hiking, playing guitar and reading

    Place I'd Love to Visit: Athens, Greece

    Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption

    Favorite Sports Team: Boston Bruins

    Favorite Musician: Jeff Tweedy/Wilco

  • John Melanson
    Parts Consultant

  • Jeff Johanson
    Parts Consultant

    What Inspires Me: An epic day enjoying one of my hobbies, my kids, my fiance 

    My Hobbies: Hiking, skiing XC & downhill, mountain biking, road biking, trail running   

    Place I'd Love to Visit:  New Zealand

    Favorite Movie:  Bourne Identity(s), Avatar

    Favorite Sports Team: Pats 

    Favorite Musician: Allman Brothers

  • Chris Longo
    Parts Consultant

  • Amanda MacKinnon
    Office Manager

    What Inspires Me: A good challenge; I enjoy taking on the impossible.

    My Hobbies: I play on a competitive dart team weeknights and enjoy hiking on the weekends.

    Place I'd Love to Visit: Ireland

    Favorite Movie: V for Vendetta

    Favorite Sports Team: Boston Bruins

    Favorite Musician: Barenaked Ladies

  • Mary Durling
    Assistant Office Manager

  • Diane Feole
    Office Staff

    What Inspires Me:  My daughter, Danielle 

My Hobbies:  Riding on the back of my husband's Harley


Place I'd Love to Visit:  Alaska 


Favorite Movie:  Green Fried Tomatoes


Favorite Sports Team: Patriots, of course  


Favorite Musician:  Metallica and Foo Fighters

  • Cindy Losh
    Billing Clerk

    What Inspires Me: Experiences

    My Hobbies: Baking & Gardening

    Place I'd Love to Visit: Costa Rica

    Favorite Movie: John Wick

    Favorite Sports Team: New England Patriots

    Favorite Musician: Phil Collins

  • Amy Holsombach
    Insurance Clerk

    What Inspires Me: My Daughter

    My Hobbies: Cooking

    Place I'd Love to Visit: Bermuda

    Favorite Movie: 16 Candles

    Favorite Sports Team: Patriots

    Favorite Musician: Steve Miller Band

  • Jay Pederson
    Warranty Administrator

    What Inspires Me: My wife

    My Hobbies: Music, movies, day trips, & good food

    Place I'd Love to Visit: Europe

    Favorite Movie: Star Wars

    Favorite Sports Team: Boston Red Sox

    Favorite Musician: Dave Meniketti, Jacintha, Neil Peart, Tony Iommi

  • Norman Voigt
    Registry Expediter

    What Inspires Me:  Getting things done 

My Hobbies:  Fixing things


Place I'd Love to Visit:  The Moon   


Favorite Movie:  Sting


Favorite Sports Team:  All  


Favorite Musician:  Meat Loaf

  • Steve Collins
    Registry Expediter

  • Bob Heffernan
    Registry Expediter

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